Phoenix Systems Resources
705 Harper Valley St
Clover, SC 29710

Our Founder

Rick Place

Phoenix Systems Resources was founded by Rick Place. Rick has spent over 25 years professionally in IT. Starting in the army as a mainframe operator, he quickly found that search for knowledge that successful people in IT need to achieve their goals. Being in the army afforded Rick the opportunity to grow in his chosen profession. By 1991, he had moved quickly to working with PC’s, VAX, and into Unix, before being able to combine his desire to learn about computers and his passion for art by running a computer graphics shop for 2 years.

By 1993 he’d become a Unix systems administrator, and began building a career that has enabled him to work for some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, including the US Army and NATO. He’s worked in nearly all sectors of industry from financial to healthcare to telecommunications. Combining his experience in IT and in art and graphics, the most logical decision was to make the transition into web programming where both disciplines work together. Thus the founding of Phoenix Systems Resources, where computers and art combine…